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Cosmetic Display


DNY specializes in crafting exquisite, high-end customized display stands tailored for desktop and window settings, catering to diverse cosmetics and skincare brands. Our expertise extends beyond the ordinary, allowing us to customize the appearance design and provide material process guidance for display stands based on the unique product sizes and specific store activities to be showcased.

What sets us apart is our ability to create distinctive brand identities through the seamless combination of various materials. From the sleek elegance of acrylic to the timeless appeal of MDF, the luxury of marble, and the durability of stainless steel, we offer a palette of materials to elevate your brand. Our common logo processes, including gold stamping, screen printing, and acrylic cutting for three-dimensional logos, add a touch of sophistication to your displays. Further enhancing the visual appeal, our surface treatment processes encompass oil injection, UV printing, stickers, and more.

At DNY, we understand the importance of brand individuality. That's why we empower brands to customize display props according to their unique tonality. Let us transform your cosmetic and skincare displays into captivating works of art that not only showcase your products but also emphasize the distinctive characteristics of your brand. Elevate your retail space with our personalized and visually stunning display solutions.

Cosmetic Display