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Cible skin counter top display


Material: MDF&Acrylic

display type: counter top display

Show product: skin care product

Cible skin counter top display666003a0ac3f9.jpg

Cible skin counter top display

Display set features:

Double metal frame display stand - display of several small bottles of essence, the back can be inserted into the advertisement.

L-shaped transparent acrylic backboard display stand - displays a single new skin care product, with an advertising picture inserted into the back to explain the new product's efficacy.

Back arch Single product display stand - Display stand back magnets adsorbed arch back panel best seller, used to highlight the brand's best selling products, to help customers choose quickly.

Rectangular luminous display base - the front magnetically adsorbs metal nameplates with different product names, and the top is uniformly luminous to beautify the displayed products

L-shaped product name plate: white acrylic cut bending molding, surface silk screen printing black product name

Project implementation:

We helped cible skin to produce display props in 150 stores in France. Congratulations on cible skin's entry into the cosmeceutical store on Champs-Elysees. From the 3D renderings of display props to the implementation of production, all display props were finally used in France after inspection, transportation and installation